ERC results pack

PRIME Youth featured in the European Research Council Results Pack

18 May 2023

Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) Results Pack on Insights into Extremism highlights the PRIME Youth (Acronym: ISLAM-OPHOB-ISM, No: 785934) project as a critical reference point. A key aspect of the project has been described as its focus on the youth. Our project is unique as it combines the youths who support movements labelled as far-right and Muslim youths with a migration background.

The PRIME Youth had several commonalities with its partner projects supported under the ERC scheme. Among them are the projects that (1) concentrate on youth radicalization, like the CONNEKT project, (2) focus on the role of religion as a social factor related to radicalization, such as the GREASE and RETOPEA projects; (3) identify the role of populism in discrimination and hatred, such as the DEMOS and POWDER projects; (4) explore the connection between community dynamics and radicalization, such as the PAVE and PREVEX projects.

The CORDIS report described the PRIME Youth project crucially as a representation of “an empathetic approach to youth radicalization in Europe” due to the project’s problematization of the neoliberal political tendency to criminalize radicalization by reducing the concept into extremism and terrorism.

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