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Co-radicalisation of Youth in Europe: Islamophobism vs. Islamism
Utrecht University Webinar on the Case of Turkish "Returnees"
Professor Ayhan Kaya participated in the webinar entitled “Polarisation in Europe and Translocal understandings of home: the second-generation Turkish 'returnees' experiences.”
ABD Yönetimi El Değiştirse de Popülizm ve Radikalleşme Hâlâ Meydanda!
ABD’de yönetim Biden’a devrolurken Kongre baskınının ertesinde yeni yönetimin de popülizm ve etkisi konusunda çıkarması gereken dersler var.
Immigrant Youths in Europe: How different from the natives?
International Migrants Day brings an opportunity to highlight the contributions made by the migrants. However, in the age populism, the challenges on the presence of migrants persist. Nevertheless, the PRIME Youth problematizes the boundaries.

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PRIME Youth in a nutshell
"Nativism, Islamophobism and Islamism in the Age of Populism: Culturalization and Religionization of What is Social, Economic and Political in Europe" analyses the current political, social, and economic context of the European Union, which is confronted by two substantial crises, namely the global financial crisis and the refugee crisis. These crises have led to the escalation of fear and prejudice among the youth who are specifically vulnerable to discourses that culturalise and stigmatize the “other”.


Migration as a Leverage Tool in International Relations: Turkey as a Case Study
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