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The “Radicalization Field of Excellence” Webinars Start in Turkey

The Radicalization Field of Excellence at the Istanbul Bilgi University reflects on the scientific and artistic approaches to radicalization.

25 November 2021,

Focusing on the debates in Turkey and Europe based on various theoretical lenses and empirical studies, our team aims to contribute to the broader public discussion that transcends academia.

The Radicalization Field of Excellence Webinar Series, which the PRIME Youth participates in cooperation with the European Institute and the Department of International Relations at the Istanbul Bilgi University, evaluates the concept(s) of radicalization in International Relations, Political Science, Law, Media, Cinema, and Psychology.  

In the webinars scheduled between November 2021 and May 2022, the Field of Excellence members will have extensive discussions with the members of the International Relations Department.

26 November 2021: Social Network Architecture and Disinformation

Guest: Erkan Saka

Moderator: Mustafa Gökcan Kösen  

24 December 2021: Deconstructing the Concept of Radicalization from the Past to the Present

Guest: Ayhan Kaya

Moderator: Özlem Cihan  

28 January 2022: Radicalization and Violence

Guest: Metin Koca

Moderator: Nagihan Söylemez  

25 February 2022: Radicalization by the State: On the Dynamics of Right-wing Radicalization

Guest: Hasret Dikici Bilgin

Moderator: Gökçe Gezer  

25 March 2022: The Relationship between Radicalization and Law

Guest: Ulaş Karan

Moderator: Nagihan Söylemez  

29 April 2022 Radicalism and Extremism in Contemporary European Cinema

Guest: Deniz Güneş Yardımcı

Moderator: Mustafa Gökcan Kösen  

27 May 2022 Individuals Who Have Completed Their Radicalization (?) An Inquiry on the Ordinary and Extraordinariness

Guest: Ayşenur Benevento

Moderator: Sernaz Arslan


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