The PRIME Youth organizes two international workshops in November

We are happy to share that we will be holding two workshops in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam Workshop on "Islamist and Right-wing Radicalizations"

On the 23rd of November 2021, our workshop at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (VUA) covers the PRIME Youth’s ongoing studies and findings, along with presentations from esteemed colleagues on the current debates surrounding Islamist and right-wing radicalizations. The guest speakers and discussants of this meeting are Dr Martijn de Koning (Radboud University), Dr Nikki Sterkenburg (Utrecht University), and Dr Rik Peels (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, “Extreme Beliefs Project”).

The workshop will focus primarily on the Dutch case and be moderated by PRIME Youth advisory board member Professor Thijl Sunier of VUA. Following Principal Investigator Professor Ayhan Kaya’s overview of the main initial findings, Merel Zuurbier, PRIME Youth field researcher, and Thijl Sunier will discuss radicalization in the “Dutch context.” PRIME Youth postdoctoral researcher Ayşenur Benevento will discuss the methodological Impediments on searching youngsters with radicalized beliefs. Finally, PRIME Youth postdoctoral researcher Metin Koca will discuss how the politics of “Muslim (de)radicalization” confront religious Christian youths in the Netherlands and France.

The Brussels Workshop on "Radicalization and Youth Cultures"

On the 26th of November, our second workshop will be on “Radicalization and Youth Cultures.” Co-organized by the University of Liège (CEDEM), the workshop will take place in Brussels and be moderated by PRIME Youth advisory board member Professor Marco Martiniello. Following Professor Ayhan Kaya’s overview of the leading initial findings, Dr. Metin Koca will present his work entitled “Ideologizing Grievances, Status, and Socialization: Jihadi and right-wing violent extremism juxtaposed with critical radical youths seeking religious purity or cultural essence.” Dr. Ayşenur Benevento will then take the floor to present her work titled “Can a Woman be Radical by Choosing to Stay at Home or Wear a Headscarf? In Western Societies, They Can.” After them, PRIME Youth field researcher Dr. An Van Raemdonck will present her work, “Right-wing youth in Flanders: ethnoregionalism, civilizationism and Islamophobia.”

The guest speakers and discussants of this meeting include Dr. Hassan Bousetta (Katholieke Universiteit Brussel) and Dr Fatima Zibouh (CEDEM). Bousetta’s presentation, entitled “Radicalization and resilience: lessons from a participatory research action in the city of Verviers,” will be followed by Martiniello and Zibouh’s presentation on radicalization and urban youth cultures in Brussels.

For both events, the participation is by invitation only.