The Crisis of Civilizational Paradigm: Co-Radicalization of Islamist and Populist Groups in Europe

Published on 7 June 2022 in the Transatlantic Policy Quarterly, the Spring 2022 issue on "The Future of the Europe."

Europe is facing several problems, some of which revolve around the issues of migration and integration of third-country nationals. Civilizational and culturalist paradigms seem to have poisoned how many European citizens have perceived Muslim-origin people. In this short intervention, Islamophobism, populism, nativism, Islamism, radicalization, extremism, violence, and terrorism are among the issues to be discussed, deliberated, and communicated. This intervention attempts to elaborate the destructive nature of the civilizational paradigm in Europe, leading to the co-radicalization of Islamist and right-wing populist groups.

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