How to Prevent the European Public from Conflating Islam and Muslims with Terrorism; and How to Prevent the Muslim-Origin People from Constructing Parallel Communities

24 November 2021

The PRIME Youth Principal Investigator Ayhan Kaya argues that the answer to both questions in the title is that both EU and Turkey should work together to attain such objectives. EU–Turkey relations need to be revitalised not only to resolve multilateral issues revolving around migration, energy, security and trade, but also those issues regarding social cohesion in Europe as far as the co-existence of native communities and Muslim-origin communities. To that effect, like many other migrant-sending countries, Turkey also has a lot to offer to the EU to prevent some polarising prejudices and parallel community construction.

Read the open-access article in "The EU and the Eastern Mediterranean: The Multilateral Dialogue Option," edited by George N. Tzogopoulos, Nice: CIFE, 2021.