Working Paper 15: How to Study Processes of Radicalization from a Socio-cultural Perspective?

In this Working Paper, Ayşenur Benevento, a member of the Prime Youth ERC Research undertaken by the European Institute of Istanbul Bilgi University, elaborates on how youth radicalization unfolds in the European context. The author has compiled a very nuanced and detailed body of existing literature on the radicalization processes of both self-identified Muslim youth and nativist youth in several European cities. Based on various theoretical approaches, she offers a theoretical toolkit to the readers to trace the socio-economic, ideological, and psychological drivers of radicalization among disenfranchised youth in Europe. This paper derives from the ongoing EU-funded research for the “PRIME Youth” project conducted under the supervision of the Principal Investigator, Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kaya, and funded by the European Research Council with Agreement Number 785934 and the acronym Islam-ophob-ism.      

AYHAN KAYA Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics of Interculturalism Director, European Institute İstanbul Bilgi University